How to use this resource – 5 steps

1. Explore the website, consider what might be possible, look at what others are doing and see if any of it relates to your priorities

2. Find out which housing organisations operate in your area, how many homes they have, and how best to approach them – see Who should I be talking to in my locality?

3. Make contact with the relevant individual – the Chief Executive, Exec Director or a person leading a local housing partnership or forum – and set up a meeting with them

4. Using this website as a point of conversation and the tips provided in What should I be talking to them about?, ask them:

  • what they are doing that relates to health and wellbeing
  • what their ambitions are for taking that work forward
  • what they already do, or might be able to do in the future, that addresses one or more of your priorities

5. Focus in on one or two things, initially, that you might be able to do together. Develop a plan of action to take forward the work.


NHS Alliance can help you to identify your local housing partners, to facilitate conversations and to develop your work with them. Please get in touch if you would like to explore the possibilities.

If you would like to become a member of the NHS Alliance you can do so by clicking here.