Social prescribing

Social prescribing

If you have a social prescribing service, or are thinking of setting one up, you might want to consider exploring roles that housing organisations can play.

Many housing organisations were involved in the government’s Troubled Families Initiative a few years ago, and through this learned to work in a person-centred and family-centred way to improve people’s wellbeing. They can assist people in finding non-medical routes to improve their health and wellbeing. They can also connect this to their housing, support and care requirements.

Why involve housing organisations in social prescribing?

  • your patients’ health and care pathway starts with their home environment and circumstances, and ends in their home too
  • locally-based housing organisations know about many of the community-based services available in the locality and can connect and work in partnership with them
  • they work constructively with people, and can work in a holistic, person-centred way with individuals and families (not just their own residents)
  • they know how to access local advice about housing options and can help people to plan ahead to move into a suitable home they can manage
  • they can deal with any negative impacts that housing quality and circumstances may be having on your patients’ health
  • they have access to housing solutions and social care services

Case Study: Doncaster – SYHA  

Case Study: Community navigator roles linked to GP surgery – Hertfordshire