Who should I be talking to in my locality?

There will be many housing organisations in your area. Is it important that you talk to:

  • those that have the most housing in your area and are landlord to many of your patients
  • those with ambition to improve resident health and wellbeing and that are prepared to innovate
  • those that have a significant care and support arm to their business
  • local authorities in their strategic and private housing roles
  • the home improvement agency, if there is one in your area

The best way to connect them is through a housing forum or partnership that meets regularly. Your local council housing department should be able to tell you and put you in touch.

Alternatively, it may be possible to speak to the key housing organisations through a health and wellbeing partnership reporting to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Other ways to find out which housing organisation operate in your area

  • Look on your local council website under ‘housing’ to find out whether your council own housing in your locality and if so, whether or not it is managed by an ALMO. Many councils also provide a list of the housing organisations that have homes in their area
  • Use this National Housing Federations search function to find out housing associations by local authority area – this also tells you how many homes each housing association owns in the area
  • You can search on the Foundations website to see if there is a home improvement agency in your area and to find the contact details